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RYFSA Summer Softball

This page is dedicated to the families and players of Rochester, MN who are interested in summer fastpitch softball.  

RYFSA offers youth fastpitch softball players an opportunity to play and compete with league play (SFC) and tournaments.  

From Kindergarten through High School, we have a program for you.  

If you are a team from another community please visit the the SFC page for more information about league play.  


Summer Registration is Closed

Summer registration is closed and we are full at this time. Please watching in late June/early July for fall registration information. 

Summer of 2023 Information

Important Dates

Rochester Families and Players -

If you are interested in softball RYFSA offers a consistent schedule (as best we can) each season.

Here are general dates to keep in mind each year. 

February -- Summer registration opens
March 19th-- Summer registration closes
March 24th -- Player Evaluations for 10U/12U/14U pitchers/catchers who wish to be considered a pitcher/catcher in the 2023 season (must also attend general evaluations on the 26th)

March 26th-- Evaluations for 10u-14u players. Players who do not attend will not be considered for a gold team or a play up.

April 16th -- Head coaches given their Rosters.

April 23rd-- Mandatory coaches meeting and equipment pickup at 6:45 at the complex.

May 22nd-- 10u/12u will start games. 
May Daze-- May 20th/21st tournament for 10u/12u in Rochester, MN. All Rochester teams will participate in this.

First week of June-- 14u and HS will start
Summer Heat-- June 10th/11th tournament for 10u/12u/14u/HS in Rochester, MN. All Rochester teams will participate in this.
SFC end of year Tournaments: July 15th/16th tournament for 10u/12u/14u/HS. This is an end of season tournament. This year teams may play both days dependent on ranking. 

Other weekends in June/July - Your team will be allowed 1 additional tournament included in your registration cost. RYFSA will also play for teams that choose to participate in State. 


Coordinator: Chad Buchmann

Birth years: 2016 & 2017

League Nights: Tuesday/Thursday practice or game

Read More about 6U


Coordinator: Joe Thompson

Birth years: 2012 & 2013

League Nights: Monday Practice, Wednesday Games

Read More about 10U


Coordinator: Jen Stewart

Birth years: 2008 & 2009

League Nights: Monday/Wednesday Games

Read More about 14U


Coordinator: Chad Buchmann

Birth years: 2014 & 2015

League Nights: Tuesday/Thursday practice or game

Read More about 8U


Coordinator: Brittney Chon

Birth years: 2010 & 2011

League Nights: Tuesday/Thursday Games

Read More about 12U


Coordinator: Holly Schmitz

Birth years: 2004, 2005, 2006, & 2007

League Nights: Thursday Games

Read More about HS

You are allowed to request 1 friend for your team. Both families involved must request each other for the request to be considered. The request is not guaranteed. Teams will be formed based on gold or silver level, pitching and catching, and then school.

What is NOT provided in the registration fee

There are several items that are not covered:

  • Gloves (required)
  • Sliders (optional)
  • Cleats (optional, but recommended: metal cleats are not allowed unless 14u and up)
  • Black softball pants
  • Water Bottles: Players should be responsible for providing their own water 

*Helmets - Each team is provided team helmets, but we strongly recommend each player have her own helmet, if possible. Each helmet MUST have a mask, and both the helmet and mask MUST be stamped NOCSAE. Colors and Designs are optional, but reflective surfaces and yellow helmets may be ruled as distracting by some umpires.

*Bats- Each team is provided with 1-2 team bats for 12u and under. If you choose to purchase a bat it needs to be stamped with the USA or ASA logo. 

Please contact RYFSA: if you have any questions. 

Family Max Benefit

There is a "family max" of $460 (Does not include Jersey Fee or dibs EVENT SLOT of $100 per player).


Prior to March 24th, players that cancel their registration will receive a refund (no refund on jersey and you will not be given the jersey). After March 24th, no refunds will be issued. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Need Financial Assistance?

RYFSA provides financial assistance to those players who reside in School District 535 and are not able to afford the total cost of registration. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to all girls who wish to play. Please fill out the financial assistance form that is available during registration. Financial assistance is only given for 2 seasons and proper forms must be completed.


Why Volunteer?

RYFSA is run entirely by volunteers. Some of them put extraordinary effort into making the program possible. Our program has grown and we need volunteers to keep it running. Many hands make light work and the program has functional requirements that require many hands to complete. This is a program for all of our kids and the more people who volunteer, the stronger the program is. The more effective we are at fundraising, coaching, and organizing, the lower the cost of meeting the need.  


Do I have to Volunteer? 

RYFSA hosts camps, tournaments and special events that offer concessions & field/complex maintenance tasks to help keep registration fees down, defray tournament entry fees for our own teams, and to help cover facility and equipment maintenance and upgrade costs.

These activities require volunteer efforts to be successful. The volunteer requirement is 1 EVENT SLOT (hours differ depending on how much work is needed during that slot), although not encourage, buyouts for $100 per registrant.

A charge for the $100 Volunteer Fee will automatically be scheduled & charged to you at the end of the season if you do not complete your 1 EVENT SLOT pre player, however, once the 1 EVENT SLOT of required volunteer work are completed, the $100 charge will be cancelled.  All registrants must complete Volunteer work before 11/1/2023.


Do volunteers have choices or is a buyout available?

We do require a time commitment of 1 event slot per registrant. There are a variety of volunteer times/activities but we realize that people have busy schedules and possibly multiple children involved in activities and it’s not always possible to donate time. To accommodate this, we do allow parents the option of a $100 buyout in lieu of their required volunteer hours. This allows us to hire replacement workers.

Head Coaches ONLY will receive their 1 EVENT SLOT credit as they attend a mandatory coaches meeting, must pass a background check, ACE certification, and concussion training They are responsible for all equipment, uniforms and scheduling practice & tournament entries.  We will however, let the Head Coach/age coordinator name ONE (1) Assistant Coach/Manager to receive their Dibs.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

DIBS DO NOT INCLUDE: Score keeping, planning team events or travel, updating websites, sending emails, or occasionally helping with practice.   Don't ask for Dibs unless the Head Coach approves it.  If there are Co-Head Coaches, then that's it for Dibs for that team. 


How do I sign-up for my volunteer shift(s)?

New this year we are switching to event sign up through sign up genius. Please watch for more information.