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Southeast Fastpitch Conference

Southeast Fastpitch Conference 2021

Please see the full league details document below for complete league rules and regulations for 2021. For more information email us at 

Rochester Individual 2021 Summer Softball Registration

Policy on SFC Team Registration.

RYFSA & SFC will not allow rogue/renegade/independent teams to register or participate in their sponsors events. They must be individually registered in RYFSA or their local community organization. "Renegade/Independent":   A "renegade/independent" team is defined as any team that is comprised of players who have chosen to bypass their local association.



USA Softball Minnesota By-laws

Kaleigh Curran

SFC League Director

Phone: 507-280-4725

Mark Benfield

RYFSA Umpire-in-Chief (UIC)

Phone: 815-295-4733

SFC General Questions

RYFSA Board of Directors

RSC Field Dimensions in Feet

Field Foul Lines Center Field
RSC1 205 220
RSC2 205 220
RSC3 200 200
RSC4 200 200
RSC5 200 200
RSC6 120 120
RSC7 200 200
RSC8 (EW) 200 200

SFC Documents to help Coaches & Managers

2021 SFC Schedules

Game start time is 6pm for ALL levels.