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RYFSA Summer Softball - 10U Program

The summer individual registration is $155 (plus must do 1 EVENT slot or pay a buy out of an additional $100 per player). 

- Play 6 weeks of double header league games (In the SFC league on Wednesday nights). 1st game goes towards record, 2nd game does not. 

-1st week of games is May 22nd, no games the week of July 4th. Teams may start to practice prior to May 22nd once coaches are cleared with trainings/background checks. Some games will be out of town to surrounding SE MN communities. 

- Play in May Daze tournament in Rochester May 20th/21st and Summer Heat tournament in Rochester June 10th/11th
- Play in an end of season  SFC tournament July 15th/16th
- Weekly Practices on Mondays (practices will be scheduled)

- Teams will have the opportunity to play in 1 more tournament and state. 

To be eligible your player must have a birth year of 2012 or 2013.  

If your player was born in 2014 and would like to play up to 10U, please fill out the request to play up at registration. Plays up are only considered if requested at registration. Play ups are not guaranteed. You MUST attend evaluations and pay for the desired level. A refund of the difference will be given for players who are not given a play up spot. 


10U Team Placement

The SFC league has a gold and silver division.  


To be considered a pitcher or catcher for the 2023 season, you must attend evaluation on March 24th from 6-8 (more details to come and will be at RCTC fieldhouse).

Evaluations for all players will be March 26th from 3-6pm (more details to come and will be at the RCTC dome). Players who do not attend will not be considered for a gold team or a play up.


First games are played with no coach pitch.  Players here already have a strong understanding of hitting, fielding, throwing, and base-running.  


This is perfect for first time players and players still developing their skills.  Games will be played with no walks, instead a coach will pitch to let the players get an opportunity to put the ball into play.  More time will be spent on introducing the players to the game and progressing as the season goes along.


Team Formation:
To be placed in a Gold division you must attend evaluations. Teams are based on  evaluation, pitcher/catcher evaluation, and current school. Special requests are less likely to be honored when playing in the Gold division as strong competition is the main factor. 

The hardest aspect of team creation is making sure each team has pitching and catching as these skills are important to every team.  

You are allowed to request 1 friend for your team. Both families involved must request each other for the request to be considered. The request is not guaranteed.



New Players and Previous summer 8U players: (10U and up) is going to be required to purchase a brand new jersey ($25).  In future seasons this will be optional and if your jersey still fits and is in good shape you will not have to buy another one until you are ready.  

Returning players (10U and up): Please check your jersey. If it still fits and is in good shape, you do not need to order a new one. If you do not buy a jersey and later decide you need one after registration, a $50 fee will be charged in order to get a jersey made. 

We are using a proven system that allows odd and even numbers to go with odd and even birth years.  This works for the majority of our players to ensure there are no duplicate numbers on a team.   A number will be randomly assigned to your player and will be their number throughout all their seasons in RYFSA.  No sharing of jerseys as the number is assigned to the player. If a player does not wear their assigned jersey and their is a duplicate, the player not assigned to that number will be charged $50 in order to get a jersey made. 

10u Coaches

All of the RYFSA teams are coached by volunteer coaches. It is important we get volunteers to help run RYFSA softball and coaches are one of the most important pieces to make seasons successful for these young ladies.  

At 10u there will be roughly 2-3 coaches (head/assistants)

Our 10U coordinator is the contact person and can help you with questions.

Coaches can help a team succeed by:

1) Making sure the girls are having a blast.
2) Making sure the parents know when games and practices are, what your expectations are for what they wear and when they show up, and communicate any urgent messages like rainouts or schedule changes. 
3) Improve in their understanding and skills of softball.  We have a staff of board members, coaches, and committees ready to help with this part.  There will be a coaches meeting where we go over everything we can think of to make your job easier (April 23rd, more info to come).

All head coaches will need to be ACE certified, concussion trained, and background checked. Assistant coaches need to be concussion trained and background checked. This information and the links will be provided to you once teams are made from your age coordinators.