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Age Eligibility Table

SEASON --> 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
2017 Birth Year 8U 8U
2016 Birth Year 8U 8U 10U
2015 Birth Year 8U 8U 10U 10U
2014 Birth Year 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U
2013 Birth Year 8U 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U
2012 Birth Year 8U 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U
2011 Birth Year 10U 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U
2010 Birth Year 10U 12U 12U 14U 14U 16U
2009 Birth Year 12U 12U 14U 14U 16U 16U
2008 Birth Year 12U 14U 14U 16U 16U 18U
2007 Birth Year 14U 14U 16U 16U 18U 18U
2006 Birth Year 14U 16U 16U 18U 18U
2005 Birth Year 16U 16U 18U 18U
2004 Birth Year 16U 18U 18U
2003 Birth Year 18U 18U
2002 Birth Year 18U

DIBS, Volunteering & Coaching

Do I have to Volunteer? 

RYFSA hosts camps, tournaments and special events that offer concessions & field/complex maintenance tasks to help keep registration fees down, defray tournament entry fees for our own teams, and to help cover facility and equipment maintenance and upgrade costs.

These activities require volunteer efforts to be successful. The volunteer requirement is 2 hours per registered player in the program but we do allow, although not encourage, buyouts for $100 per registrant.

A charge for the $100 Volunteer Fee will automatically be scheduled & charged to you at the end of the season if you do not complete your 2 DIBS hours, however, once the 2 hours of required volunteer work are completed, the $100 charge will be cancelled.  All registrants must complete Volunteer work before November 1st.  


Do volunteers have choices or is a buyout available?

We do require a time commitment of 2 hours per registrant. There are a variety of volunteer times/activities but we realize that people have busy schedules and possibly multiple children involved in activities and it’s not always possible to donate time. To accommodate this, we do allow parents the option of a $100 buyout in lieu of their required volunteer hours. This allows us to hire replacement workers.

Head Coaches ONLY will receive their 2 hr. credit as they attend a mandatory coaches meeting, must pass a background check and concussion training.  They are responsible for all equipment, uniforms and scheduling practice & tournament entries.  We will however, let the Head Coach name ONE (1) Assistant Coach/Manager to receive their Dibs.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

DIBS DO NOT INCLUDE: Score keeping, planning team events or travel, updating websites, sending emails, or occasionally helping with practice.   Don't ask for Dibs unless the Head Coach approves it.  If there are Co-Head Coaches, then that's it for Dibs for that team. 

How do I sign-up for my volunteer shift(s)?

1) Be sure to log-in to your Sport NGIN account, then select the DIBS button on far right of options bar.  Select the event dates, times, and tasks that you would like to reserve. 

2) Use the players name as the person who is actually completing the dibs requirement.  Use the parents email & phone number.


Important: When you have completed your DIBS, log back into NGIN, find your DIBS and mark Complete.  Failure to do so could result in NO CREDIT for your DIBS.  

Rochester Youth Fastpitch Softball Association is requesting that one Parent/Guardian or both participate in some form of Volunteering activities. 

We have added more opportunities this year, so look at all the options!!