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Fall League

Fall League Event Page

Link to our MN Softball Event Page:

Playoff Brackets, Schedule, Results, Standings

2022 RYFSA Fall League

We have made it to the final week of fall ball.  I once again want to thank you for your participation in this league and please always feel welcome to send us messages/texts/calls with thoughts and ideas. 



  There is NO drop dead.  All games, all divisions will be no new inning after 60 minutes.  If the game is tied after 60 minutes and you start a new inning use the international tiebreaker rule.  


  The higher seed gets to pick home/away.  They'll be printed on the brackets.  

  14U:  There will be no inning run limit for the playoffs. Teams should be matched evenly and with the tournament format there is not as much pitching/catching depth required.  



  Here are some clarifications and rule reinforcements from the season:


   12U: The run limit is 5 runs in an inning.

    All Divisions/Ages MUST use Hoffman Rule, even in the playoffs.  All players must bat.  



  The brackets are out and you'll find them at our event page and they should show up where you normally see the standings and schedule.  They'll also be updated during the tournament day as best as we can   


  At this point there is no moving of tiers for any reason (even if there is a record/score wrong).  The math worked out where there is only one 3-team tier out there.   From today forward if a team can't make it this is what will happen and we will do EVERYTHING in our power not to change start times..  


 -- If a team drops and we have 3 teams left - We will follow this example:

8:15:  Team A vs Team D

9:45   Team B vs Team C


  No Matter what, if we lose Team B or Team C  we WILL make a three team round robin.  This way Team A and Team D still arrive at 8:15 and play then they'd complete a round robin vs the remaining team.   We have the fields and umpires reserved so we feel we might as well play the round robin.  So every team would get 2 games.  The loser of game 1 would play game 2 vs B or C and then the winner from game 1 would play team B or C.  


  However, if Team A or Team D drop, we have an issue where we'd have to ask Team B or Team C to change their start time to make this work.   So in these situations we will not move to a round robin and the remaining Team A/D gets an automatic win in round one and will play in the championship vs the winner of B/C and the loser would be done.   With this said, if we lose a team A/D before Friday, I will ask all teams involved if we can get a team to start earlier so we can make it a three team round robin - it's not guaranteed or forced - but we will ask.  After Thursday we won't even ask and the first team will just win via forfeit and you'll stay as a bracket.  


 TIE BREAKERS:  Record, Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Flip


 -- If teams drop and we have 2 teams left in the bracket - We will play a double header.  The later start time will be the first game.   Here are some examples of how this will work:


8:15:  Team A vs Team D

9:45   Team B vs Team C


  If we lose Team B & C:

    -  Team A & D will play back to back at 8:15 and 9:45.

  If we lose Team A & D:

     - Team B & C will play back to back at 9:45 and 11:15

  if we lose one team from A&D and one team from B&C

     - The teams will play back to back at 9:45 and 11:15 


 TIE BREAKERS If a team goes 2-0 they win the tier, if you go 1-1 the team that allows the least amount of runs will win.  If you're still tied a coin flip will determine the tier winner.  



-- If teams drop and only one team is left in a tier, you win your tier but we will get you one game in time slot 2 vs a loser from a neighboring tier of time slot 1.  With a possible second game vs the loser in time slot 2.  This will be at the discretion of the tournament directors and available teams.    I sure hope we don't have this situation arise.  



Lastly, we ended up with two fields that only have three games on them, we made the decision to start them one time slot later so hopefully it gets a little warmer but we can still have the fields for later in the day in case any one field gets far behind.  That is intentional and we hope you appreciate that later start.  





    Medals must be picked up by the winning teams near the umpire rooms at both locations.  We'll have a volunteer there to hand them out.  Again, all tiers get a medal for the champion only.




   Here are some numbers for your reference.  We'll have a coordinator and UIC at each location.


   RSC / RYFSA Complex:

     Tournament Coordinator:  Brittney Chon 

     Umpire in Chief: Mark Benfield


   McQuillan Complex:

     Tournament Director: Amber Lamers / Joe Thomson 

     Umpire in Chief: Kevin Voltin 





     Just a final reminder, after Thursday, I will not respond to emails to emails or calls or texts to my personal email or phone.  Please Please Please email this email (it will be monitored by Brittney) or text/call your tournament director above.  I will not respond or forward communication that comes to my personal number or email (Saturday and after I probably wouldn't even get it).  




  Come dressed as a team theme and show your team spirit.  Any player dressed up can help themselves to some candy from the bowls by the concession stand.  It's the honor system and while candy lasts but there should be plenty.  


  Please share your pictures with our facebook, twitter and email!   Have fun with it.


  Costumes/Themes must be removed if they pose a safety issue or impede the players ability to play softball.  If it's covering the jersey that is fine, it's going to be cold anyway.  




   We will have fall ball shirts available for purchase at both locations!


  8U Teams:  


   Thank you for a great season.  There are no 8U games this weekend.  We hope you enjoyed that extra week and as always feel free to reach out with thoughts/ideas on how to improve the season.  


  I know this ended up being a lot of information.   I really appreciate all of you for making these seasons run so smooth and bringing such a great sport to so many kids.  It's been a pleasure and best of luck out there Sunday.  








PS I sent an email with all of this in there plus some additional information, if you didn't see it please ask for it by emailing  Also check your spam folder for emails from that email.  


In fall ball, USA Softball registers players at the level that they will be playing in for next season. Use the dates below as a reference.  18U players will be combined with 16U to make up our new high school division.  If communities don't have an age group we will consider allowing them to play with an appropriate division. For Example, if a community does not have a 14U team, RYFSA would consider allowing a first  YeaR 14U (2009) to play 12u, however a second year 14U (2008) would need to play 16U.


Fee:  $450/team ($400 for SFC teams that played in SFC summer league).  $225/team for all 8U

Individual Players Register HERE for FALL League -Registration will close AUGUST 9th, 2022

This link is for individual registration for Rochester Players  or for non-Rochester players looking for a team.   


Teams will be formed for 8U-18U teams.  

It is the intention of RYFSA to create teams by age and school boundaries, but there are at times that this is not possible. All teams will be at the discretion of the RYFSA Board. While special requests for team placement can be made, the RYFSA board reserves the right to reject these requests.

Born-in Dates for Fall 2022 - This is mandated by USA Softball.




     2014 & 2015


     2012 & 2013


     2010 & 2011


     2008 & 2009



     2004 - 2007



Season runs on Sundays August 28-October 16

All Days are Double-Headers with 65 minutes drop-dead.

Registration Fee: $80 for 10U - 18U

8U is $40 with a 1 game for 4 weeks (Aug 29- Sept 25).

Fee includes T-shirt, game balls & team equipment (catchers gear, helmets, bats, pitching machine upon request).


Photo Credit: Andrew Link - Rochester Postbulletin

RYFSA Softball Complex - 827 36th Ave SE (Photo Credit: Andrew Link - Rochester Post-bulletin)

SFC Fall League Dates

All games played at Rochester Softball Complex (827-36th Ave SE). 

Fee:  $450/team ($400 for SFC teams that played in summer)

You will need to provide your own usable game balls.  Uniforms and/or numbered jerseys your responsibility. Rochester teams will have t-shirts provided.

No carry-in coolers or food.  Concessions will be open.

Format:  DH on Sunday’s 10 games (65 minutes drop-dead) with Single Elimination playoff.  Games in league can end in tie.

Proposed game times with all game at RSC (if it works with umpire availability).

8 AM, 9:15 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:45 AM, 1:15 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:45 PM, 5 PM

BORN-IN-DATE FOR 2022 FALL LEAGUE as mandated by USA Softball


     BIRTH YEAR     


     2014 & 2015


     2012 & 2013


     2010 & 2011


     2008 & 2009


     2004 - 2007




Ages offered: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U


August 14: Team info/contacts released to All Coaches/Managers. 

August 21: Mandatory League Meeting  ZOOM for All Managers/Coaches (Rochester & Non-Rochester) – 7pm 

Zoom link will be emailed to coaches/managers. Rochester Equipment Pickup for coaches TBD

August 21: Week 1 schedules posted 

August 28: Week 1 play

August 31: Week 2 schedules posted

September 11: Week 2 play

September 15: Week 3 schedules posted

September 18: Week 3 play

September 22: Week 4 schedules posted

September 25: Week 4 play

September 28: Week 5 schedules posted

October 2: Week 5 play

October 5: Week 6 schedules posted

October 9: Week 6 Play

October 12: League Tourney Schedule posted

October 16: League Tournament (Single Elim)