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Fall League

2021 RYFSA Fall League

Team Names and Shortcut Code

8U Division 10U Division 12U Division 14U Division 16/18U Division
8-1 Byron 8U 10-1 Austin 10U Black 12-1 Austin 12U Red 14-1 Austin 14U Red 16/18U-1 Kenyon-Wanamingo 16U
8-2 Rochester Blujays 10-2 Byron 10U Black 12-2 Byron 12U Black 14-2 Byron 14U 16/18-2 La Crescent White 16U
8-3 Rochester Cardinals 10-3 Cannon Falls 10U 12-3 Byron 12U Yellow 14-3 Chatfield Fireballs 14U 16/18-3 Stewartville Slammers 16U
8-4 Rochester 10-4 DE Storm 10U Black 12-4 DE Storm 12U Blue 14-4 Decorah Vikings 14U 16/18U-4 Byron 16/18U
10-5 Kasson 10U White 12-5 Dover Eyota Storm 12U Black 14-5 Dover Eyota Storm 14U fall 16/18U-5 Dover Eyota Storm 16/18U
10-6 Lake City Heat 10U 12-6 Fireballs 12U 14-6 Kasson 14U Blue 16/18U-6 Gamblers 16/18U
10-7 Owatonna Crush Orange 10U 12-7 Gamblers 12U 14-7 Kenyon-Wanamingo 14U 16/18U-7 Jer Bear's
10-8 Panther Strikes 10U 12-8 Kasson 12U White 14-8 LaCrescent Lancers 16/18U-8 La Crescent Green 18U
10-9 PEM Sluggers 10U 12-9 Kenyon-Wanamingo 12U 14-9 Lake City Heat 14U 16/18U-9 Panther Strikes 18U
10-10 Rochester Cyclones 12-10 Southland Outlaws 12U 14-10 Panther Strikes 14U 16/18U-10 Plainview-Elgin-Millville 18U
10-11 Rochester Hail Storm 12-11 Owatonna Crush Blue 12U 14-11 PEM 14U 16/18U-11 Rochester Gophers
10-12 Rochester Lightning 12-12 Owatonna Crush Orange 12U 14-12 Red Wing 14U Purple 16/18U-12 Rochester Hurricanes
10-13 Rochester Hurricanes 10U 12-13 Panther Strikes 12U 14-13 Rochester Badgers 16/18U-13 Rochester Lions
10-14 Rochester Tsunami 12-14 PEM 12U 14-14 Rochester Boilmakers 16/18U-14 Rochester Royals
10-15 Stewartville 10U Black 12-15 Red Wing 12U Purple 14-15 Rochester Hoisers 16/18U-15 Rochester Wolverines
10-16 Stewartville 10U Gray 12-16 Rochester Raptors 14-16 Rochester Spartans 16/18U-16 Smoking Aces 16/18U
10-17 Venom 10U Red 12-17 Rochester Rebels 14-17 Rochester Wildcats 16/18U-17 Southland Rebels 18U
10-18 ZM Sting 10U Black 12-18 Rochester Rivals 14-18 Venom 14U 16/18U-18 Stewartville Rebels 16/18U
10-19 ZM Sting 10U Green 12-19 St. Charles Saints 12U 14-19 Wabasha Kellogg Falcons 14U 16/18U-19 Venom 18U
12-20 Stewartville 12U Black 14-20 Winona Fastpitch 14U 16/18U-20 W-K Falcons 18U
12-21 Stewartville 12U Red
12-22 Stewartville 12U White
12-23 Venom 12U Blue
12-24 Winona Fastpitch 12u
12-25 WK Falcons 12U
12-26 ZM Sting 12U Black
12-27 ZM Sting 12U Green
Photo Credit: Andrew Link - Rochester Postbulletin

RYFSA Softball Complex - 827 36th Ave SE (Photo Credit: Andrew Link - Rochester Post-bulletin)


In fall ball, USA Softball registers players at the level that they will be playing in for next season. Use the dates below as a reference.  18U players will be combined with 16U. If communities don't have an age group we will consider allowing them to play with an appropriate division. For Example, if a community does not have a 14U team, RYFSA would consider allowing a first  YeaR 14U (2008) to play 12u, however a second year 14U (2007) would need to play 16U.


Fee:  $350/team ($300 for SFC teams that played in SFC summer league. Must have 50% of returning roster).

Individual Players Register HERE for FALL League -Registration will close AUGUST 7, 2021

This link is for individual registration for Rochester Players  or for non-Rochester players looking for a team.   

Teams will be formed for 8U-18U teams.  

It is the intention of RYFSA to create teams by age and school boundaries, but there are at times that this is not possible. All teams will be at the discretion of the RYFSA Board. While special requests for team placement can be made, the RYFSA board reserves the right to reject these requests.

Born-in Dates for Fall 2021 - This is mandated by USA Softball.




     2013 & 2014


     2011 & 2012


     2009 & 2010


     2007 & 2008


     2005 & 2006

       18U                  2003 & 2004


Season runs on Sundays August 22-October 3

All Days are Double-Headers with 65 minutes drop-dead.

Registration Fee: $75 for 10U - 18U

8U is $35 with a 1 game for 4 weeks (Aug 29- Aug 26).

Fee includes T-shirt, game balls & team equipment (catchers gear, helmets, bats, pitching machine upon request).

Non-Rochester 8U teams we will register and prorate fee at $225.  No equipment or t-shirts.  Reister at the team link and we will refund you the difference.

SFC Fall League Dates

All games played at Rochester Softball Complex (827-36th Ave SE). 

Fee:  $350/team ($300 for SFC teams that played in summer. Must have 50% of returning roster)

You will need to provide your own usable game balls.  Uniforms and/or numbered jerseys your responsibility. Rochester teams will have t-shirts provided.

No carry-in coolers or food.  Concessions will be open.

Format:  DH on Sunday’s 10 games (65 minutes drop-dead) with Single Elimination playoff.  Games in league can end in tie.

Proposed game times with all game at RSC (if it works with umpire availability).

8 AM, 9:15 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:45 AM, 1:15 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:45 PM, 5 PM

BORN-IN-DATE FOR 2021 FALL LEAGUE as mandated by USA Softball


     BIRTH YEAR     


     2013 & 2014


     2011 & 2012


     2009 & 2010


     2007 & 2008


     2005 & 2006


         2003 & 2004



Ages offered: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U

August 8: Mandatory League Meeting  ZOOM for All Managers/Coaches (Rochester & Non-Rochester) – 7pm 

Zoom link will be emailed to coaches/managers. 

August 18: Team info/contacts released to All Coaches/Managers. Non-Rochester teams, roster are due by first game.

August 18: Week 1 schedules posted 

August  20th (Friday) :  Rochester Coaches: Equipment/jersey pick-up: 6pm at RSC storage garage.  If unable to make it, 1/2 hour prior to first game on August 22.

August 22: Week 1 play

August 23: Scores must be reported by 10am

August 25: Week 2 schedules posted

August 29: Week 2 play

August 30: Scores must be reported by 10am

September 8: Week 3 schedules posted

September 12: Week 3 play

September 13: Scores must be reported by 10am

September 15: Week 4 schedules posted

September 19: Week 4 play

September 20: Scores must be reported by 10am

September 22: Week 5 schedules posted

September 26: Week 5 play

September 27: Scores must be reported by 10am

September 29: League Tourney Schedule posted

October 3: League Tourney (Seeded-Single Elim)