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2022 Team Registration


Team Registration

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League Management Moving to USA Softball Minnesota!

We will be transitioning to a new website to manage the SFC league.  Until we are fully transitioned please check back here for updates to SFC.

However, to register for SFC for 2022 we will jumping right into the new website.  RYFSA / SFC is committed to make this as easy as possible.  If at anytime you need help with the new website please email   

There are many benefits to this transition which include scheduling, roster management, integration into other tournaments across the state and area, and more.  

There will be a demo from Dan Pfeffer at the March 7th managers meeting.  It will important that you or a representative from your organization attends this meeting.  

First Step

You will need to create an account on this new website. 


Navigate to the website

In the top right, you should see "Sign In" -- Click that and a pop-up will show.  On that pop-up page you will see "Create and Account", click that.

On this page you will be create your account.   Remember your password, we'll be using this site throughout the season.


Second Step

Once your account is created, you can create the team you are trying to register.

On the left navigation goto "Teams" and then use a tab on the right  to "Create New team."

You may see a page that says "Select a Registration Option"

  • You can choose "Already Registered" as SFC pays the sanctioning fee and it's in your SFC league fee.

Then you'll see a form with a bunch of information to enter

  • For "Sport" choose "Fastpitch"
  • For "Season" choose "2022 League Team"
  • For "Class" choose your team's Age and then class
    • To join our league you can pick anything here.  
    • Rec - Teams mostly just wanting to play in a league with not much interest in tournaments (Our Silver Bracket)
    • "C/B" - These teams are typically Gold for us.  
    • "A" - This would be a stacked team with multiple pitchers and catchers.  
    • This class can be changed, to get through registration I would recommend "Rec" if you are planning on silver and "C" if you are planning on gold and we can adjust as needed.  
  • Type in "SFC" for League Name and either of your nights for League Nights if you play two nights a week.  

This should create the team you are registering on the new site.  If you are an association manager and creating several teams that is okay.  You'll be able and add coaches to these teams in the future and then they can manage them as well.


Third Step

The third step is register your team for SFC.

You can the goto "Events" and search "SFC"

or use this link to goto the SFC Event Page

Once the event is selected you should be able to select "Enter by April 1st". (April 1st may be extended) next to the league you wish to enter.  

The next screen will show all the teams that are available to enter and you can add a team to SFC.

Final Step

The last step is to pay for your team registration.  All payments for SFC this season will be handled on the new site.  You can pay by credit card now or later.  You can also find a Venmo option as well as pay by check.  All the information you need to pay will be on this new site for our SFC League Event.  


- League administrators will be reaching out to setup the fields and facilities at a later date.  

- Payment is due by April 30th, 2022.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

- The cost for SFC League teams is $175 (Except 8U).  This gets entry into this league and the SFC League Tournament.  There will NO LONGER be a $50 refund for playing in our league tournament.  Every team in the SFC will be able to play in the tournament.  

- The cost for 8U is still $150.