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Final Season Standings - Tournament Update

By Ken, 09/28/21, 12:00AM CDT


Final Standings are posted (for everyone but 14U)

The standings table has been updated for 10U, 12U, and 16/18U.  We are waiting on one more game score from 14U and will give the coaches until 10:00am on Tuesday.

You have until 7pm Central time Tuesday to protest the standings from the results from Sunday.  The playoff schedule will be posted Tuesday evening.  

We cannot accommodate any scheduling requests.  We will fill in the brackets based on the "Playoff Seed" number from the standings table.  You should plan on spending four to five hours at the complex if you plan on winning your tier.  

It is a single elimination tournament -- Lose and you're done. 

10U Brackets
GOLD (afternoon) - Top Six Teams
SILVER (morning)- Middle Eight Teams
BRONZE (afternoon) - Bottom Five Teams

12U Brackets
Tier 1 (morning) - Top Eight Teams
Tier 2 (morning) - Next Eight Teams (9-16)
Tier 3 (afternoon) - Next Eight Teams (17-24)
Tier 4 - (afternoon) Three Team Round Robin (2 Games each)

14U Brackets
GOLD (afternoon) - Top Six Teams
SILVER (morning) - Next Eight Teams (7-14)
BRONZE (morning) - Next Six Teams (15-20)

16/18U Brackets
GOLD (afternoon) - Top Six Teams
SILVER (morning) - Next Eight Teams (7-14)
BRONZE (afternoon) - Next Five Teams (15-20)

Each Tier winner will be getting $5 gift cards to Flapdoodles Ice Cream Shop in Rochester for each player on the team.  

For our playoffs and tournament you must abide by the roster we have on file.  There will be printed copies at both locations in case there are any roster disputes.  RYFSA league representatives may do roster checks on Sunday.   We cannot add anyone to the rosters at this point.  

If you are too short players to field a team but are interested in a scrimmage on Sunday so your players can end the season on the field -- Please let us know. 

On Friday we will try to fill any open field times with scrimmages.  You'd have to use a coach or parent umpire but if we have coaches that want to play we invite you to play if we can find a field and time that works.  

We will not rework the bracket after it is released.  Teams that cannot make it will be forfeited and the opposing team will advance.  

Last week was tough because Covid is just making things difficult.  We completely understand that quarantines/exposures/positive cases are making things difficult on coaches and parents.  We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this time.  Even with six forfeits all the opposing teams handled it well and the teams that had to forfeit did fantastic jobs communicating with their opponents and us.  Thank you.  

Our Covid Protocols
RYFSA has been following guidance from Olmsted County Public health for COVID-19 positive cases. If a player that played on Sunday tests positive for COVID-19 on Monday/Tuesday OR showed symptoms of COVID-19 on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and later tested positive, they will need to sit out for 10 complete days, therefore missing the end of year RYFSA tournament. Due to the team being close contacts, the team will not be able to play in the year end tournament as well.  Each case is discussed and handled individually by board members with guidance from Public Health.