Gold Division Rules (B-C level)

  • Teams should have intermediate level pitching to play at this level.
  • Maximum of 5 runs per inning will be scored per team. Only 3 runs in that inning may be on passed balls (5 runs or 3 outs ends the inning)
  • On a 3rd strike call the batter is out and may not run to 1st . Runners on the bases may advance at their own risk.
  • Infield fly rule will not be applied.
  • Stealing is allowed. No stealing more than 2 bases in one instance (can’t steal from 1st and make it all the way to home due to fielding/throwing errors)
  • Baserunners are not limited to the number of bases they can take on overthrows or fielding errors after a hit ball except when the ball is thrown out of play (USA rules: 2 bases from the position of the runner at the time of the throw)
  • One game will be an official gold division level game utilizing all gold level rules stated above. The 2nd game is played using Silver Division Rules .