Silver Division Rules (C-D level)

-Teams should have beginning level pitching experience to play at this level.

-Both games each night will be played following these rules and with the coach-pitch rule in effect.

-Maximum of 5 runs per inning will be scored per team.

-Stealing is allowed, but runners may steal only one base at a time. No stealing when a coach is pitching the ball. No stealing home and no runs may score on passed balls.

-On a 3rd strike call, there will be no dropped ball ruling and no runners may advance.

-Infield fly rule will not be applied.

Coach-Pitch Rule:

  • All batters start with a 1-1 count 
  • There will be NO walks. If the pitcher pitches to 4 balls, a coach/volunteer from the offensive team will pitch to the batter. The coach-pitcher may pitch from the edge of the pitching circle.
  • The coach will pitch no more than 3 hittable pitches to the batter (as determined by the umpire). If the batter fails to put the ball in fair play, she will be called out ** this rule is in place to keep the game moving at a decent pace.


  • All teams are responsible for having a designated “coach pitcher” for when the coach pitch rule is applied. This person may be on the field near their dugout to assure a quick transition to pitch when needed, but must stay out of the way during any live-action play.